Mammography Machines


Senographe 700t/800t

High Frequency X-Ray Generator Delivering Constant Voltage.

Exposure Modes – Three Exposure Modes

Automatic Optimization of Parameters. (AOP) - Fully Automatic, AEC – Semi Automatic and manual) offer the Ultimate Flexibility and ease of Use. Compact designee


Senographe DMR+

Dual Track Molybdenum/Rhodium X-RayTube

Exclusive Technological Advantages to Improve Image Quality, reduce Exposure Time and lessen X-Ray Exposure Time.

0.01mm and 0.03mm FocalSpot Sizes provide high Spatial resolution and excellent Image Contrast.


Senographe digital

GE exclusive Molybdenum / Rhodium dual track tube

Automatic Optimization of Parameters (AOP) automatically selects all exposure parameters based on breast radiological properties, for all breast sizes and types

Three AOP modes enable more flexibility in dose management

• Improved conspicuity with Fine View processing

Seamless digital workflow connectivity

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